Polo Hall Of Fame Nominating Procedures


Nominating Committee

  • Julio Arellano
  • "Red" Armour
  • Stewart Armstrong
  • Chrys Beal
  • Joey Casey
  • Russell G. Corey
  • Hector Galindo
  • Glen Holden Sr.
  • Jorie Butler Kent
  • Vicky Owens
  • John C. Oxley
  • Peter Rizzo
  • Charles Smith
  • Tommy Wayman

1. Eligibility For Hall Of Fame Awards

Eligibility for election to the Hall of Fame

“Any person shall be eligible for election to the Polo Hall of Fame who has contributed to the game in an extraordinary and honorable manner whether by dedication to the sport or by ability and record as a player.”

Emphasis is to be placed on playing record (highest handicap, number of wins in U.S. Open Championship or equivalent tournaments, other high goal tournaments,) International appearances and other extraordinary achievements or service to polo. Foreign players may be considered if it is determined that they have made significant contributions to polo in the United States. A player must be off his highest handicap for five consecutive years before he can be considered for induction.

Eligibility for the Philip Iglehart Award

The Philip Iglehart Award was established in 2001 and is given to recognize exceptional lifetime contributions to the sport of polo either on a regional or national level.

Emphasis is to be placed on factors such as years of commitment to the game; pioneering efforts; record as a polo pony breeder, trainer, mentor, coach; patronage of the sport (i.e., as a club founder and/or stalwart supporter; team patron; involvement in Inter-Collegiate, Inter-Scholastic, PTF, Museum of Polo); sportsmanship record; involvement in U.S.P.A. and/or F.I.P. affairs, tournament wins, other significant achievements.

Eligibility for Horses to Remember Award

This award is presented to recognize outstanding polo ponies whose achievements on the field were singled out by contemporary judges in tournaments and shows, and by other experts as worthy of special recognition.

Emphasis for horses who played after the establishment of the Willis Hartman Award (1965 and after) should be given to recipients of that award as well as to Best Playing Pony winners in the other major U.S.P.A. tournaments or other awards such as Horse of the Year, etc.

Emphasis for horses who played before the establishment of the Willis Hartman Award (1964 and before) should be given to horses who won the elite awards of the age, i.e., winners of the National Polo Pony Society Show, Prince Friarstown Cup, or were cited for outstanding performance by the experts of the day and/or in the publications of the era.

2. Recommendations & Applications

“Any person may be recommended for election to the Polo Hall of Fame by any other individual. Candidate’s names for consideration for induction into the Polo Hall of Fame shall be presented to the Nominating Committee by requesting an application which will be returned completed (Note - All areas which apply. I.e., for the Iglehart Award, a candidate may have “Pioneering efforts” but may not have necessarily mentored or logged tournament wins.) and signed by the nominating parties. Incomplete or unreadable applications will not be accepted. (I.e., standard Hall of Fame, tournament wins section must contain years won.) Any questions about the application may be referred to Brenda at the Museum by calling (561) 969-3210 or e-mailing: blynn@polomuseum.org. Applications are due by August 31st for consideration for the next induction which will occur in February the following year.

3. Nomination

“The Nominating Committee shall be named by the Board of Directors to consist of one or more of its own members, of its officers and other individuals as it may choose. Its duties are to study and research the relative merits of the persons recommended in order to reduce the list to a workable level commensurate with the number of individuals to be elected to the Hall of Fame and to submit its selections to the Board of Directors for election. The Nominating Committee itself shall have the right to recommend additional nominees for induction.”

4. Election

“The Board of Directors of the Hall of Fame shall elect based on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee.”

Please note: In accordance with the rules, all recommendations shall be made by requesting and submitting the appropriate application.

The entire polo community is urged to participate in this process.