The interactive timeline is a journey from the roots of polo in Asia more than 2,600 year ago through its evolution in America, to its present day as a worldwide sport. The enduring relationship of human and horse is celebrated throughout the viewers journey. 

Visitors can explore the Hall of Fame, view magnificent trophies dating from the 1880s, Gen. George Patton’s polo saddle, Tommy Hitchcock’s wooden “practice” horse, equine fine art paintings and more.

We also provide access to a library that contains books, journals, magazines, statistical and written records, all available for in house research and enjoyment.

Exhibits Highlights

  • A Day in the Life of a Polo Pony
  • Milestones
  • The History of Polo
  • The History of the Westchester Cup
  • Horses to Remember Portraits by Melinda Brewer
  • Best Playing Ponies
  • Women in Polo
  • The Mallet
  • Arena Polo in America
  • The U.S. Open

    A century of champions pursue polo’s most coveted U.S. trophy.

  • The Mallet

    From its birth as a sprig of bamboo to a finished mallet worthy of a 10-goaler.

  • Women in Polo

    From Persian princesses to rebellious Bostonians to U.S. Open champions.

  • The Rieke Sculpture

    A spectacular bronze from the collection of a late Hall of Famer.